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why do dads sneeze so loud

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Mascara, 1917

Whoa now this is what I call a history lesson
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My friend and her bf just broke up and she called me crying and I was all like “You’re going to fall in love so many times before you find the one you’ll be with forever. So think of it this way; you’re one heartbreak closer to happily ever after.” and I think she thought I was being deep and insightful, but really I was quoting wizards of waverly place

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fresh indie blog xx


I bought a projector because my tv broke and I couldn’t be bothered with getting a new one home and I think it’s the best decision I’ve ever made

i need that
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No but I can just imagine a person bursting through the door screaming “I NEED YOUR HELP. IT’S A NINE” and everyone in the shop stops and all collectively goes “Oh shit” and the florists start working frantically while the man/woman just stands there looking scared as fuck while the other customers are trying to figure out what they did. 

that must be bad if it’s a 9 on an alphabetical scale.

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hello, is this mcdonalds? ah yes, i would like to make reservations for 2

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